How it works?

It works as simple as like booking a cab by having net connection and location service on.

We are in no way between you and your health care provider to receive your service.

This is not for treatment of any emergency medical or other health care conditions at home. For that you need to call or take the patient to emergency departments of nearest hospital as early as possible.

 How it differs from other app?

Entire health care service providers in your area will be shown in your map when you open the app.

You choose whichever service provider you would like to book

You may (under development)track your doctor and ambulance by map till you close the service

You have now or later(schedule time) option.

A person anywhere in the world could also book for their near and dear one by choosing location and place, time of requirement of service.

As soon as the person books the service, the person should call provider to inform the details of requirement and confirm the availability and fees structure.

Service requirements vary for each patient so could not fix a fixed fee so always confirm fee before receiving the service.

You may get an SMS message, an E-mail or a push notification on your phone indicating the acceptance and probable time of getting the service.

 Verification and Safety

Before receiving service always verify the ID of your service provider for safety and quality.

Also send your booking details to close relative for extra safety


By cash or online. Better to have online payments facility to make payment easier to receive the service quickly.

Payment should be paid to the service provider directly by cash or online payment either to provider or App portal

All service fee should be pre agreed by call except pharmacy or lab where there is fixed MRP amount of your chosen products and they may offer discounts. There are no delivery charges for lab or pharmacy.

For second opinion you send your documents or query ,only after the specialist doctor accept your request, phone number and mail id of doctor will be displayed. For every consultation you have to pay directly to consultant account or App portal and inform him about the payment to continue consultation.

 Fee structure:

bubble_chart  Specialist: Rs.300 - 500

bubble_chart  Super specialty: Rs.500 - 1000

When the service provider closes the service, it displays a thank-you message on your mobile phone with an option to rate the visit and write a review to help other choose the best.

The provider also gives rating about the user. If any misuse of the app your account will be deleted.

You should also enter the amount paid to the service provider to close the service.

Some of the features mentioned will be introduced in phased manner.

 Cancellation Of Service

It is possible before provider starts from their location. Once booked the service and provider reached your home you are bound to pay the minimum fee agreed upon booking.

 Services Available In This App

bubble_chart  Hospital Appointments

bubble_chart  Home Doctor

bubble_chart  Home Nurse

bubble_chart  Home Care taker

bubble_chart   Home Physio

bubble_chart   Lab

bubble_chart  Medicine Delivery

bubble_chart  Medical Equipments

bubble_chart  Ambulance Service

bubble_chart  Second opinion


TAH aggregates and dispatches life-saving services available near you.

This is not for treatment of any emergency medical or other health care conditions. For that you need to call emergency departments of government services, or nearby hospital.

Never again will someone facing an emergency wonder when their ambulance will arrive. You could track the arrival like the cab (under development). It is also easy and safe to shift the patient from home to hospital than by car.

All ambulances deliver the highest quality service by adhering to stringent standards. There is no time more urgent than in emergency to have the right talent and equipment's available.

 How To Book The Ambulance

bubble_chart  Open TAH app

bubble_chart  Click Ambulance service.

bubble_chart  Search & find the ambulances available.

bubble_chart  Click the confirm (now or later) option.

bubble_chart  Ambulance which accepts first your request will be ready to move.

bubble_chart  It will have option of book for others and could enter user phone number also.

 Fees Details:

General guidelines

bubble_chart  Non-ICU: Rs. 20 / Km. [minimum charge: Rs. 400 /-]

bubble_chart  ICU: Rs. 30 / Km. [minimum charge: Rs. 600 /-]

bubble_chart  Waiting charge: Rs. 300 (Per Hour)

 Doctor Home Visit:

This is not for treatment of any emergency medical or other health care conditions. For that you need to call emergency departments of government services or nearby hospitals.

For the changing life style we may not have relatives or friends available to take the patient to hospital and spend time to get the treatment especially in odd hours.

For simple ailments all you need is a visit by qualified medical personnel to give first aid and advice whether patient needs hospitalization or not especially during odd times.

bubble_chart  From consultation to treatment, the doctor helps you throughout your recovery. And home doctor service does exactly the same.

bubble_chart  This service is especially tailored for the elderly, post surgical recovering patients those who are immobile and cannot visit a clinic/hospital and for those who are having difficulty taking the time out of their busy schedule to visit or take their relative to a doctor.

bubble_chart  If you need a doctor to visit you at home, please book & confirm our doctor home visit.

bubble_chart  We will show all available doctors in your area. If your chosen doctor is unavailable for some reason (off-duty or busy on another call), you could choose another doctor who are available around you.

bubble_chart  Book for your comfortable timing.

bubble_chart  If doctor spends more time or give extra service please confirm his fee before receive the service.

bubble_chart  Please read the guidelines for payment.

 Fees Details:

Fee may vary depending upon the distance.

bubble_chart   Undergraduates (MBBS, BDS, Alternative Medicine) Rs. 400 / Hr.[ minimum charge: Rs. 400 / visit]

bubble_chart  Specialists (MD, MS, Diploma) Rs.600 / Hr.[ minimum charge: Rs.600 / visit]

bubble_chart  Super Specialists (DM, Mch) Rs.1000 / Hr.[ minimum charge: Rs.1000/ visit]

Fees extra for other services like ECG, IV fluids, Medicines, suture removal, etc,

 Nurse / Caretaker At Home:

If you have a loved one who needs support and assistance with daily activities, home nurse service shows well-trained health care professionals who can help you recover better at the comfort of your own home.

They take care of day-to-day needs like mobility, hygiene and feeding elderly patients and patients recovering from surgery post complex medical issues.

Manage the entire medication, drug administration, medical dressing, vaccination needs and can provide other nursing help at home.

This site will show you all available home nurses in your area. You could book by just by a click.

 Fees Details:

Fee may vary depending upon the distance.

bubble_chart  Rs.300 /Hr. [minimum charge: Rs.300/visit]

Fees extra for other services like ECG, IV fluids, Medicines.

 Care Taker

This service is for your loved ones who need support and assistance with daily activities at their home.

 Fees Details:

Rs. 200 /Hr. [minimum charge: Rs.200/visit]

 Hospital / Clinic Appointments

This is not for treatment of any emergency medical or other health care conditions. For that you need to call or take the patient to emergency departments nearby hospital.

You could choose the hospital you like and book the service offered by the hospital at the convenience of your home.

Just send the request, they will call and confirm your entire request. It is like extended in patient service at home. Less expenses and less chance of hospital acquired infections.

No need to go back to hospital after discharge for simple follow up care. You could also book an appointment with consultant available in the hospital.

 Services Offered By The Hospitals

Consultant appointments

 Some hospitals may also offer home services:

Fees Details:

For ambulance, home doctor, nurse, physiotherapist same like individual fee.

For Equipment and other special home services to be discussed / agreed with service provider individually based on the services.


No more waste of time to visit lab in early morning to give your blood samples in empty stomach. Simplify by click and book lab service at home.

bubble_chart  We show the details of Labs near you.

bubble_chart  Choose the service provider you want.

bubble_chart  Book your time either now or schedule timing.

bubble_chart  Select the tests needed by clicking from the list or upload the request given by the doctor.

bubble_chart  Report will be send by the service provider through Whatsapp or E-mail.

 Fees Details:

Available with each lab


We show the physiotherapists available near your location book the physiotherapist service.

 Fees Details:

Rs. 300 /Hr.[ minimum charge: Rs.300 / visit]

Fees extra for other services like TENS, ULTRASOUND, WAX, IFT, SWD.

 Medicine Delivery / Medical Equipments:

bubble_chart  We show the pharmacies and medical equipments shops near you.

bubble_chart  Choose the pharmacy or equipment shop you want.

bubble_chart  Note: Upload prescription or type the medicines for over the counter drugs. Receive at your home at convenient time.

 Fees Details:

Based on MRP. Some may offer discount

 Second opinion:

This is not for any emergency and you will not get any prescription for any disease.

 Why Second Opinion?

There may be an instance where you will be struck to make a decision regarding your treatment suggested by a doctor and it is always better to seek a second opinion to reconfirm and undergo major surgical procedures. TAH is a place where you will get a genuine second opinion and you will get your questions answered because famous and busy consultants may not have the time to clear your doubts. The faculties are very experienced doctors in their own field, have come together to provide health care to the needy people. They will go through your case history, investigations and existing treatment modalities and giving experience based opinion so that decision can be made for better outcome.

People are travelling to many places for work, business and leisure. You may need medical consultation from your own doctors at odd times and remote places and fortunately the internet is everywhere now .It is really tough to get immediate opinion and it will be time consuming. TAH is the app where you will get the doctor anytime anywhere.

 How to get second opinion

bubble_chart  Check the doctor’s specialty plus area wise availability for online consultation.

bubble_chart  Choose your doctor and his available time for online consultation.

bubble_chart  If agree first send the medical documents or query to doctors E-mail or WhatsApp, etc

bubble_chart  For every consultation send the fee by online through available payment gateway directly to consultant, or App portal and inform him.

bubble_chart  If the doctor informs the timing you could call through your video or voice call facility from your phone to doctor phone after payment.

bubble_chart  For onetime payment you could call maximum 15 minutes.

 Fees Guidlines but may vary:

bubble_chart  Undergraduates: Rs. 200 / 10 minutes

bubble_chart  Specialists: Rs. 400 [ per video call-10 minutes]

bubble_chart  Super Specialists: Rs. 600 [per video call- 10 minutes]

 Direct Booking

You could book any home services through direct booking portal or by calling the number provided. You would be provided the nearest health care provider based on rating and availability as early as possible. You should pay directly to NG Web Services or to provider.

Emergency Contact (Contact for Doctor and Hospital / Contact for Relatives) Buttons:

In app home page there are two emergency buttons. Green button for close relative and Red button is for nearest Hospital or Doctor. In case of emergency need they could press to call them.

Need to enter phone numbers for green and red in your profile page in menu. A text also will be sent to them as follows. ‘I need urgent attention’

நேரடி முன்பதிவுக்கு

+91 9442222700

ஆப்-ஐ இப்போது பதிவிறக்கவும்

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