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Osteoporosis – Founder’s Note

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Osteoporosis – Founder’s Note


Treat at Home’s mission is to make healthcare affordable and accessible anytime, anywhere by next-generation technology and service excellence.

Even with tech and innovation in healthcare, every patient needs to be aware of the condition and treatment to leverage it at the right time.

Having seen many cases as a consultant orthopaedic, I’ll share few points about Osteoporosis that can affect us or any of our dear ones with growing age.

What is osteoporosis?

It’s a condition where our skeleton loses both calcium and structural strength.

Common causes of osteoporosis

– Natural aging

– Lack of exercise

– Menopause

– Heavy smoking and alcohol

– Drugs like steroids

– Bedridden

– Malignancy

What’s the effect?

– Fatigue

– Losing height

– Increased tendency for fractures

What can be done?

– Yoga

– Enough protein and calcium intake

– Doing safe and all possible exercises

– Sunlight exposure on most body parts (At least ½ hour daily preferably between 9 am to 12 pm)

Author: Dr. Saleem, Founder, Treat at Home

Dr. Saleem specialises in hip and joint replacement surgeries. He serves in the board of a hospital chain and also Reginix Drugs Ltd. 

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