10 Red Flags You Might Be Iron Deficient Symptoms


This is a classic sign of iron deficiency, as your body struggles to deliver oxygen to your cells, leaving you feeling drained.

Extreme Fatigue


Notice your skin looking a little paler than usual, and your extremities feeling constantly chilly? This could be due to reduced blood flow, another consequence of iron deficiency.

Pale Skin and Cold Hands and Feet


Feeling winded after climbing a flight of stairs or getting lightheaded when standing up too quickly? Iron deficiency can make your heart work harder to pump oxygen, leading to these unpleasant sensations.

Shortness of Breath and Dizziness


Shiny, strong nails and hair are a telltale sign of good health. When iron levels dip, hair can become brittle and fall out more easily, while nails chip and break more frequently.

Brittle Nails and Hair Loss


Foggy brain and persistent headaches can also be linked to iron deficiency. The oxygen deprivation can affect your cognitive function, leaving you feeling forgetful and unfocused.

Headaches and Difficulty Concentrating


That constant urge to move your legs at night, keeping you up and restless? This could be another symptom of iron deficiency, often disrupting sleep and overall well-being.

Restless Legs Syndrome


Ever craved ice, dirt, or other non-food items? This strange phenomenon, known as pica, can be a sign of iron deficiency, especially in children.

Unusual Cravings


A swollen, smooth tongue and painful cracks at the corners of your mouth can also be indicators of iron deficiency.

Sore Tongue and Mouth Cracks


Frequent colds and infections could be a sign that your iron levels are low, impacting your immune system's ability to fight off invaders.

Weak Immune System


Feeling perpetually chilly, even in warm weather, can be another symptom of iron deficiency, as your body struggles to regulate its temperature.

Feeling Cold All the Time