Don't Ignore These:  10 Signs of Potential Liver Problems

Dark Urine Color


If you have dark urine along with other symptoms, it may be a sign of liver problems.

Nausea or vomiting


Digestive distress will probably worsen as your liver's capacity to remove toxins diminishes, but nausea and upset stomach are common early indications of liver disease.

Belly pain and swelling


Swelling or pain in the lower part of the body may be a sign of infection or a liver that is enlarged.

Challenges Concentrating


Liver encephalopathy, an illness that impacts how the liver works and affects the functioning of the brain, may result to behavioral deviations disorientation, and problem attention.

Loss of Appetite


Quick loss of weight or a substantial reduction in food may be indicators of problems with the liver.

Pale Stool


Light in color or pale stools can suggest that you have an issue with the movement or the creation of liver.



Experiencing excessive fatigue, poor energy, and an extreme desire to sleep that gets in the way of everyday tasks.

Itchy Skin


Liver illness may be confirmed by recurrent swollen and even though there has been no noticeable reason for it.

Jaundice's yellow skin


The yellowing skin and the whites of your eyes are among the primary indications of jaundice.

Simple Bleeding and Bruising


Failure of the liver may have a bearing on the clotting of blood, resulting in wounds and bleeding easier.

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