Hypertension: 10 Signs Your Heart is Sending You Urgent Messages

Treat at Home

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Heart thumps fast


Your heart races, beating faster than usual, a sign that something might be off with your blood pressure.

Dizzy feelings


Experiencing bouts of dizziness could indicate fluctuations in blood pressure, making you feel off-balance.

High BP signals trouble


Elevated blood pressure can be a red flag; it's like your body's alarm system, warning of potential health issues.

Headaches say hello


Persistent headaches may be a signal that your blood pressure is not in the ideal range, affecting your head.

Eyesight gets blurry


Blurry vision might indicate changes in blood flow, affecting your eyes and emphasizing the importance of checking your blood pressure.

Nosebleeds surprise


Unexpected nosebleeds can be linked to hypertension, a reminder to keep tabs on your overall cardiovascular health.

Chest feels heavy


A heavy or tight feeling in the chest could be a sign of increased pressure on your heart, prompting a need for attention.

Sleep? Not so good


Disrupted sleep patterns may be connected to hypertension, affecting your rest and overall well-being.

Tired all the time


Persistent fatigue might be a result of your heart working harder than it should due to high blood pressure.

Don't ignore, see a doc

Ignoring these symptoms is not wise; consult a healthcare professional to assess and manage your blood pressure for a healthier life.