Your Liver's Health: Decoding Blood Test Results

Normal Levels

Green Light: Knowing what normal liver enzyme levels mean gives you peace of mind. Check out these typical ranges!

Low Levels

Yellow Alert: Low liver enzyme levels can be caused by various factors. Let's explore potential causes and what to do next.

High Levels

Red Alert: High liver enzyme levels can signal potential issues. Understand the causes and what steps to take for further evaluation.

Common Causes of High Levels

From lifestyle choices to underlying conditions, various factors can elevate liver enzymes. Let's peek at some common culprits.

Importance of Follow-up

Don't panic! High or low levels don't always mean serious problems. Discuss your results with your doctor for proper diagnosis and personalized management.

Tips for Liver Health

Give your liver some love! These simple tips can keep it happy and healthy: maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, limit alcohol, manage stress, and get regular checkups.