Home Nurse : 6 Reasons To Consider a Nurse for Home Care

Safety Risk Assessments

Home care nurse can professionally do safety risk assessments and prioritize the need of the patient.

Promote Healing and Reduce Infection Rate

Post-operative patients, the hygienic care given by a home nurse can make the rate of infection very low when compared to patients receiving post-operative care at home without a nurse.

Decreased Hospital Re-admissions

Early intervention and professional handling are the main reasons for the reduction rate of re-admissions in hospitals.

Diet & Nutrition Support

Presence of nurse at home helps in regulating the diet and regimen for patients based on their quality of living, disease, age and other factors.

Medication Management

Personalized home nurses help in managing the proper administration of medications.

Independent Living

Home healthcare promotes the environment of independence, comfort and confidence for the elder patients. It helps in early recovery and aid in growing old with dignity.