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 Covid has thrown unusual hardships to patients and Hospitals.

 Patients head back without treatment because of covid wards while Hospitals concentrate on corona infected patients.

 If your patients need Homecare, we can provide Home Nurse, Physiotherapy and Caretaker services on behalf of you.

 Patients can also book appointments in your hospital and your ambulance to pick up through our platform.

 Benefits from bookings will be shared on partnering with us.

Unique Advantages​

 Service enquiries will be confirmed within 1 hour. Complaints will be addressed immediately by our support team.

 Cost is much lower comparatively as our providers are individuals and freelancers providing service through our platform.

 Our Healthcare providers are verified and well-equipped with proper knowledge in Nursing, Caregiving and Physiotherapy.

 Blood pressure, temperature recording, blood sugar measurement and any other nursing, physio care advised by Doctors will be provided.

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