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doctor explains to elder people at home about home care services

Treatment at Home – What & Why?

Treating at home or Home healthcare improves lives by increasing functions and improving the quality of independent lifestyle. Of course, hospitals save lives but home care gives excellent patient experience by fostering intimate relationship between Patient and Healthcare Provider. Home care service dates back to early 90’s in India but the covid pandemic has increased its significance now.

Treat at Home launched in 2018, is a digital healthcare platform connecting patients in need of medical services with their nearest healthcare providers on-demand and our services include Home Doctors, Nurses, Caretakers, Physiotherapy, Lab Test, Medicine Delivery, Tele-consultation & Hospital Appointments.

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What kind of illness can be treated at home?

Treatment at home is appropriate for patient with,

– Chronic conditions including Heart and circulatory diseases

– Musculoskeletal disorders like Arthritis


– Post-Surgical Management

– Geriatric illness

– Physiotherapy Management

– Even in mild attack of Covid-19

– Common acute illness like, Cough & Cold, Acute febrile illness, Gastritis, Gastroenteritis, Constipation, Urinary tract infection

– Palliative care for Cancer patients

– Regular care for Bed-ridden patients

And many illness when the condition is not critical.

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Main thing is treating at home leads to higher satisfaction with life even when you are sick.


Studies showed that home care leads 40% lower the cost when compared to Hospital care. Costs include associated expenditures like travelling cost, food for people who are with patients.


Day to day living is less interrupted for patients and their family members by less time spent in travelling & waiting.

One on One care

Assuring more private attention than a Hospital and enhances the bonding between patient and provider which makes the patient more satisfied.

Comfort Zone

you can stay with your family members with needed restrictions. You can sleep in your own bed, using your own toilet and your family members can do their daily routine.

Improves overall Mental & Emotional Well-being

Because of Familiar surroundings, personalized care and dedicated time focusing on health makes the patient to recover fast.

Promotes fast healing

Researchers demonstrates that patients heal more quickly and comfortably at home and additionally there is less chance of re-admissions when recuperation is at home.

Family involvement and Companionship

When you are at hospital, you may experience social isolation and feeling of loneliness which has a direct impact on your health. Being treated at home can help people through friendly conversation, meaningful human connection and direct line of communication with you and provider.

Allows independence, safety, early physical activity and maximum comfort.


After this pandemic, home care providers have developed reliable and successful models in care coordination, disease management and prescription management. They are more innovative and delivering high quality, client-centered care. You can get your convenient medical services through Treat at Home.

Author: Dr. Raji Arabi

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