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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Home Care

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This is Sasa, your Health Assistant from Treat at Home. Every year millions of people need long term or end of life care. Many of you would have came across this difficult situation for yourself or your family members.

The hard thing is taking decision to whether invest in hospital care, care centres or in-home care options. Understanding all the different options can be overwhelming but decisions about location are fundamental and navigate you towards the best choice for everyone.

When coming to location, Home care is the best choice for convenience, comfort and overall well-being. Here are the top 5 reasons you should know and choose home care services over others.

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What is Home care?

Home care is help with daily activities to allow people stay at home. It can be used often for elder people with or without chronic illness, people living with disabilities and those who are recovering from surgical illness.

Home care is otherwise called personal care, companion care or custodial care. Services include toileting, bathing, dressing, grooming, transportation, meal preparation and medication reminders.

Advantages of Home Care

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Physical & Mental Well-being

Home care is for people who are at old age or suffering with illness or people who depend on someone to do their daily chores. These people also tend to be affected with the feeling of loneliness and depression. It will be exacerbated when they are staying at hospitals or care centers. Here home care is the best option for receiving the expected care at home itself with the same environment and loved ones. In fact, it significantly contributes to increased self-esteem which enhances happiness and overall physical & mental well-being.

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Flexibility and Independence

Home care allows people to remain in their comfort zone and do their daily tasks at their own home. Additionally, it makes people flexible to do their work and specify what package of help they can get from home care services unlike hospitals and care centres.

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Staying within Community

People enjoy a much better quality of life when they are living with their loved ones. Since they are in a familiar environment and community where in-home care services are offered, it brings happiness and peace to people resulting in increased healing or increased possibility to extend lives. It specifically suits to the people living with dementia.

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Feel the Convenience 

Home care service is a convenient thing for everyone, especially people who are in need of care takers. They can invite their friends to their home or go for a walk to spend sooting time with nature. It is more of their control unlike services from hospitals and other care centre options.

Besides, it is easier for friends and relatives to meet their loved ones at their homes than in hospitals and be void of  restrictions like fixed timing, number of people allowed, etc.

doctor explaining to elder couple about the condition at their home

Saving Money

Home care services are cheaper than hospital care and other serviced home options. You can get customized care in a specific time and your charges are only based on that not like hospitals and care centres. As well, associated expenditures like outside food and traveling cost has been drastically reduced.

Hope you got convinced that Home care services could be ideal for you! Treat at Home makes it easy, quick to find reliable home nurses and caretakers around you.

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Author: Dr. Raji Arabi

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