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Advantages of Doctor Visit at Home

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This is Sasa, your Health Assistant from Treat at Home. In this post, let’s get to know about the advantages of home doctor visits. Guess what? Doctor visit at home is not a new thing to us. In 1960’s and early 70’s, it was very common in practice. We might have seen in many old movies, the doctor visiting patients at home with a briefcase to treat many kinds of illness.

After 1970’s, it was transformed completely into getting treated at hospitals even for very minor illness. Now, with the raising effect of pandemic, doctors have started visiting patients at their homes to bring safe and convenient healthcare. The advancement in modern technology powered platforms like “Treat at Home App” are a boon to this situation.

Benefits of Home Doctor Visit

Doctor visit at home has numerous benefits like reduced cost, travel and eliminate the hassle of scheduling, waiting, and transportation.

male doctor explaining to female patient at home


Once you feel sick, you have to pick a vehicle and take yourself or your loved ones to visit a doctor at their clinic. Additionally, there may be some appointments there, so you would have to wait for a while to consult the doctor. If a doctor visits you at home, you don’t need to wait at a clinic, instead, they visit you at your home and it is super convenient during sick days. Furthermore, if you are having kids or elder people at home, waiting for prolonged hours at the hospital will be a complete hassle.

female doctor checking old patient heartbeat with stethescope

Saving Time & Energy

As mentioned earlier about convenience, the amount of time waiting to just see the doctor for a simple illness and the amount of time traveling will be markedly reduced. Yes! No more getting stuck in traffic. Moreover, when you are sick, treatment at home saves not only your time but also your energy.

female doctor explaining to patient using a tablet

Complete Attention

When the doctor visits and treats you at home, there will be complete attention from the doctor towards you, unlike in clinics and hospitals. The doctor will be at peace to give you the fulfilled attention without any distraction from other out-patients as well as from in-patients.

male putting coins on a saving glass container

Saving Money

Doctor visits at home cut the cost of a bed for general care received at hospitals. Furthermore, it saves money spent on food and transportation charges. People who are taking palliative care can seek doctor home visits which save not only money but also spend quality time with their loved ones.

female doctor explaining an elderly couple at home

Prevention from Infections

Doctor visit at home mainly suits elderly patients and immuno-compromised individuals as they would have a weakened immune system and are more vulnerable to infections. Frequent visit to hospitals may potentially expose unwanted germs; that’s why doctor visit at home is ideal for above patients and elders.

doctor discussing with female old patient

Overall Well-being

The grief feeling in the hospital environment may affect the patient and cause further health issues. It can be avoided by home doctor visits as it lets the patient be surrounded by their loved ones giving them the feeling of safety and comfort which positively impacts their health.


When you now have the feasibility of doctor visiting you at home, utilizing it would be a smart option. It saves you from lots of stress, hustle, makes you feel safe and promotes the recovery process.

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Author: Dr. Raji Arabi

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