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10 Reasons To Consider a Nurse for Home Care

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This is Sasa, your Health Assistant from Treat at Home. The options for home healthcare are increasing day by day. Managing busy families and the needed decisions that must be made when caring for loved ones can be overwhelming.

Post covid, home care has been the choice made by many individuals in order to take care of their families along with smooth riding of professional life. It is fruitful when considering a Nurse for care at home and here are 10 reasons you can consider to opt for nursing services at home.

nurse talking to elder male lying on bed

1. Safety Risk Assessments

When coming to taking care of elderly patients or post-operative patients, home care health professionals can be there to do certain activities. Trained nurses can assess safety risks and make simple corrections before they become harmful. Applying restraints for disoriented patients, correcting hypoglycemia or calling for an Ambulance when in need, whatever may the thing, Home care nurse can professionally do safety risk assessments and prioritize the need of the patient.

female hands holding an elder hand holding walk support

2. Promote Healing and Reduce Infection Rate

For post-operative patients, the hygienic care given by a home nurse can make the rate of infection very low when compared to patients receiving post-operative care at home without a nurse. Not only for post-operative care but also for general medical care, because of the professional care given by nurses, healing has been hastened because of the reduced infection rate.

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3. Decreased Hospital Re-admissions

There are high possibilities of getting readmitted in hospital when the patient is taking care at home during their recovery phase. This rate is drastically reduced because of the professional care given at home by nurses. Early intervention and professional handling are the main reasons for the reduction rate of re-admissions in hospitals.

nurse serving food to old couple

4. Diet & Nutrition Support

Presence of nurse at home helps in regulating the diet and regimen for patients based on their quality of living, disease, age and other factors. Diet and nutrition is the important factor needed for speedy recovery.

old male handed medication by a nurse

5. Medication Management

As family members, you are limited to some extent especially for medication care and you can’t always rely on what you know. Personalized home nurses help in managing the proper administration of medications.

home nurse holding hands of elder female sitting on wheelchair

6. Customized and Personalized Care

Home care nursing is customized and personalized to each patient and enables to focus strongly on a single patient. This undivided attention makes your loved ones feel completely comfortable and safe.

home nurse comforting an elder woman

7. Affordability

Home care nurse are more affordable than in-hospital care. Fees structure in hospitals depend on the number of visits and days. But when coming to home nurse, it is more flexible, convenient and affordable.

senior woman happy smile with family

8. Overall Well-being

Since the nurse is at home, your loved one who is in need of care also lives in a familiar environment on your own supervision which helps you not to stress on yourselves in balancing your personal and professional lives. Love, care and compassion in a homely environment aids overall well-being to your loved ones.

home nurse smiling and holding shoulders of elder woman to comfort her

9. Independent Living

Home healthcare promotes the environment of independence, comfort and confidence for the elder patients. It helps in early recovery and aid in growing old with dignity.

female explaining document to elder woman

10. Decision Making Power

One of the important advantages of having nurse at home is to help you stay in charge of your life even as a patient. Having nurse at your side helps you to make informed decisions about your health and the kind of care you receive.


When home nurse care is efficient, effective and cost effective, it is an appealing option for both patients and also attractive career opportunities for professionally qualified nurse too.

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Author: Dr. Raji Arabi

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