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Healthcare Providers Like Doctors, Nurses, Caretakers, etc.,

Hello again!

This is Sasa, your Health Assistant and in this post, I will walk you through the amazing job opportunities Treat at Home has created for healthcare providers like Doctors, Nurses, Caretakers, Therapists, Labs and Pharmacy owners.

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Treat at Home is a digital healthcare platform that connects existing healthcare providers in a region with patients in need of medical services close to them.

Since 2015, more than 30% patients have migrated to home care services like doctor visit, nursing, caretaking, medicine delivery and lab tests at home. After the pandemic, people are moving at a much faster rate and as time goes by, your existing customer flow will deplete if you miss to adapt with changing needs.

A similar example would be how restaurants extended home delivery with Swiggy, Zomato and cab drivers leveraged Ola, Uber to get more passengers. Being healthcare providers, if you are looking to expand your business and explore alternate income sources, you are at the right place!

Treat at Home creates a financial flow for freshers, people looking for part time jobs, students and people who wish to expand their business like pharmacies and diagnostic centres.

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Work opportunities for Medical Professionals   

“Burnout” is a buzzword circulating in the medical community. This happens when you as a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist or caretaker is overwhelmed in your work which depletes your health. Treat at Home provides part time work opportunities which can reduce the amount of financial stress and empower you to create a better work-life balance.

Being a Healthcare Provider with Treat at Home suits

– Women during their maternity period

– Doctors and Nurses pursuing their post graduation

– Women who want to take care of their child developing period or elders at home

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– Doctors and Nurses preparing for their post-graduate or government examination

– One who needs break from their routine full time job especially Doctors, Nurses or Caregivers but don’t wish to get away from the medical field

– Professionals who want to maintain and create a better work-life balance

What to do next?

Get registered as a provider with Treat at Home by downloading our app or calling 94422 22700 and select your category. We have multiple, for example: Doctor, Nurse, Care Taker, Home Physio, Tele-Consultation, etc.

You could choose your available time and have the choice of fixing your fee for extended care.

Here is the link to explore more: https://www.treatathomes.com/home-doctor-provider/

nursing students listening to a class session

Part-time work opportunities for Students

Looking to earn while studying? Treat at Home paves the way!

As a student, when you want to earn on your flexible time but don’t have any past experience, enrolling as a caretaker with Treat at Home is the best choice. It provides not only viable income but valuable experience and the chance to network with people in your field of interest.

Whatever may be your studying field, Treat at Home part-time caretaking will be useful for your career in long term by learning life skills like time management, commitment, confidence and independence.

Additionally, early employment helps you build up long term savings and also makes you financially aware.

Know more and get registered here: https://www.treatathomes.com/care-taker-provider

pharmacists sitting in a medical shop looking at their mobile phone

Expanding Business Online

With life getting busier, people don’t want to wait, prefer online transactions, wish hassle-free process and expect hygienic, convenient services.

When you look for ways to expand your business flow and income, especially those running pharmacy and labs, don’t wait for a better time. Partner with Treat at Home now!

You will get more Treat at Home users like:

– Diabetic patients who need routine blood tests and medicine deliveries

– Elders who are facing trouble visiting hospital, diagnostic centre and pharmacy

– Busy employees who don’t have time to take their family members for health check-ups

– People who cannot wait for a lab test appointment or late medicine delivery from online stores

lab technicians testing in a diagnostic centre

These customers are gradually moving towards virtual companies who operate from a different part of the country. You can partner with Treat at Home to reach these nearby patients and expand your business online.

For Diagnostic Centres: https://www.treatathomes.com/lab-test-provider

For Pharmacy Owners: https://www.treatathomes.com/medicine-delivery-provider


Treat at Home is flexible to your timing, grants you the ability to look over your personal needs as well as the opportunity for a regular income. So, come join us in our journey towards transforming healthcare delivery.

Together, we serve Better!

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