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Get Access to Home Doctor Visit with Treat at Home App

“When you’re sick, nothing makes you feel better than staying at home. You can now easily book an appointment with Treat at Home.”

What is a home doctor visit?

In this day and age, there are a lot of services being made available at your doorstep, and doctor home visits are no exception. Home visit doctor especially for elderly, chronic care has become more common, convenient and preferable. Any sort of medical care or attention provided in a patient’s house by a doctor is termed as a doctor home visit.

Why do doctors visit home?

Doctor home visits facilitate treatment of a patient within the comforts of his/her home. With doctor home visits for elderly care, doctors usually spend more time with patients and the care is more personalized. This contributes to a more positive overall experience for the elderly. Especially, elderly people have to be spared from the risk of visiting a hospital and coming into contact with other potentially infectious people.

Doctor home visits are no longer a prerogative that only a select few can enjoy. With the rapid adoption of technology, anyone with an internet-enabled cell phone can enjoy the benefits of home doctor visits.

Doctor Home Visits in Chennai: A Quick Overview

“For Comfort, Care and Convenience, the Choice is Treat at Home”

Treat at Home App offers the best doctor on call service in Chennai. With the wide range of doctor home consulting services, seniors can see doctors starting from periodic medical check up to treatment for chronic medical conditions right from the comfort of their bed.

Seniors who need medical care can receive doctor home visits in Chennai. 

The consultation at home includes post-operative care, injury care, and chronic care for conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Bring the convenience of care by qualified doctors next to your loved one’s bed by contacting Treat at Home today at +91 9442222700.

Seeing a Doctor in the Privacy and Convenience of Your Own Home

We know not everyone is suitable to get down to the doctor’s office when they’ve a medical problem they need to look at. Who would want to stay for hours on the end sitting in an uncomfortable president and waiting for the doctor to see them? Occasionally, the time you’re supposed to see the doctor can pass by too if there are numerous patient movables in one day. It’s boring, tedious, and over all takes down time from your daily schedule.

What if the doctor could come to you though? Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, you’re at the right page! Doctor visiting at Home comes to you instead! Our main mission and service is to prove minor emergency quality medical attention to our patients in the convenience and privacy of their own home. We don’t only do “doctor visit” at your home either! You can have us come to your office, hotel, and of course your loved one’s home. We have highly qualified Health Professionals and Physicians who are on call 24/7, 365 days a year. They are always available to help manage your medical condition, answer any questions you may have, and to treat you.

Health Care at your Home

Old-fashioned doctor visits at home by medical doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants bring modern medicine to you. Feel better and stay well, safe at home.

What to expect from doctors who make home doctor visits near me?home doctor visit near me

Treat at Home providers visit your home to evaluate, diagnose, and treat you based on your needs.

The purpose of doctors who make home visits is to provide primary diagnostics and carry out blood, urine, and other tests when needed. 

In-home health care services are designed to provide primary health care and chronic disease management at the comfort of a patient’s home.

Once you have searched in Google “doctors who make home doctor visits near me” and have selected a doctor, remember the following

– Make a list of concerns you want to discuss with the doctor

– Give briefing to the doctor about your medical history to help him properly diagnose

– Be prepared to answer the doctor’s queries or have a family member nearby

– Keep all your prescriptions handy as the doctor can ask for them

If you are having trouble getting to doctor appointments, the simplest way to solve the problem is to have the doctor come to you.

By having access to doctors who make home doctor visits, patients can successfully eliminate the stress about visiting a doctor’s clinic.

Getting seniors to the doctor’s clinic for an appointment is delicate. So, when getting out of the house becomes delicate, you end up searching the internet to find the best doctors who make home doctor visits near me.

Treat at Home renders home visiting doctor’s service that redefines the in-home health care experience. Enjoy access to the same high-quality medical care services you find at a doctor’s office in the comfort of your own home at zero fresh cost to you!

Patient-Friendly Recap

Home medical visits to patients with serious health problems or mobility issues may provide health and cost benefits.

In a study, home care providers piloted a quality improvement project in which physicians-in-training were exposed to the home visit experience under guidance of a faculty nurse practitioner.

After 6 months, surveys revealed that participating patients and residents both expressed strong interest in future home visits and that the experience increased residents’ confidence in providing home visits.


Our providers and patients found that home visits were salutary to cases and may be a significant part of the future direction of healthcare. Ultimately, our expedient is to serve more patient needs by incorporating home visits and making them a more common practice for elective consultations.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to give us a call at +919442222700 if you have any questions or require our services. Your health is our first concern. Once you call our office, you can speak with one of our friendly executives who will take down your information over the phone. In a couple of beats we can have one of our qualified physicians contact you directly.

Built to Be Mobile

Our operating model is built to support mobile medicine and we actively register to create a network of high-performing home and personal care professionals, senior care facilities, medical equipment providers, specialist medical providers, transitional care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals that support our goals and partner with us in providing more complete medical care at home… when and where you need it.

Get the TAH App

We believe that the essence of exceptional connected health care is effective collaboration and that the best patient outcomes can be achieved through relationships supported by technology.

To access reliable home care services, download our Treat at Home App today.

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Having the Treat at Home App allows you to

– Book a Home Doctor service

– View your home doctor’s profile and track their live location

– Download Virtual Prescription written by your doctor

– Receive notifications about your booking

– Access support options easily at any time

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