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benefits of home doctor

How home doctor visits can help you live a better life

We take care of your loved ones at Home!

By having access to doctors who render home doctor visits, patients can eliminate the strain concerning visiting a doctor at their clinic.

Transporting seniors to the doctor’s clinic for a rendezvous is difficult. So, once getting out of the house becomes difficult, you finish up looking on the web to seek out the simplest doctors who make home visits close to me.

Benefits of doctors who make home doctor visit

home doctor benefits

There are enough benefits that list home doctor service as a better option than the conventional treatments to improve general wellness.

  No more spending time in the waiting rooms

  No more difficult trips to see the doctor

  No more non-productive visits with the doctor for minor issues

  Save money with a doctor at home service

  Get treated by professionals in the comfort of your home

Doctor Visits to Home

home doctor

Treat at Home App brings superior medical care at the comfort of your home for people who find it challenging to visit the doctor’s office. All you have to do is search for ‘doctor home visit near me,’ and our Treat at Home team takes care of the rest.

Missing out on the scheduled doctor’s appointment is not new for elders considering their physical limitations, current hospital situation, and many other reasons, including lack of motivation. This might delay the chance of treating the condition early and increase their chances of admission into an emergency room or prolonged hospitalization.

The doctor visit at home in Chennai is a convenient home care solution for seniors offered by Treat at Home App.

Treat at Home ensures seniors are provided with the best doctor visits at home for complete consultation and assessment by geriatric specialists in Chennai.

Comprehensive Care at Your Home’s Comfort

The verified and qualified geriatric specialists offer compassionate care in the comfort of your home. Offering senior-focused doctor home visits in Chennai, Treat at Home delivers the highest quality medical solutions for your aging loved ones.

Support in Managing Chronic Medical Conditions: The healthcare specialist helps elders manage chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at home.

Post-Operative Care for Seniors: Be it seniors who need post-operative care or post-hospitalization care, the doctors at home help review the person’s progress and address specific health needs.

General Medical Care: Geriatricians can pay regular visits to ensure seniors receive adequate care in specializations such as general geriatric care, orthopedic care, neurological care, stroke recovery, and chronic care.

Bond with the Specialist: Our healthcare specialists provide their undivided attention to your senior at home. In addition, Treat at Home can ensure the same specialist consults the senior on the repetitive visits to strengthen the doctor-patient bond.

Specialists focus on reducing medical complications, side effects of chronic conditions and decrease the chances of hospital admissions.

Benefits of Doctor Visits at Home for seniors

All-round medical care for your loved ones just the way they need it, right where they belong! Treat at Home ensures seniors are in safe hands anytime, anywhere.

Quality Over Everything: Treat at Home has a background verification process to ensure quality medical care for all types of medical conditions.

Expertise that Speaks in Outcome: Expert geriatric specialists who are experienced and qualified can assist with tele-consultations.

Specialists Who Wait for You: On-duty doctors for home visits around the clock on-demand.

Incredibly Cost-effective: We extend accessible and affordable medical care at your convenience.

Why Doctor at Home Service from Treat at Home?

At Treat at Home, comprehensive medical care is made possible by a capable multidisciplinary team. With healthcare providers from various specialties, our senior-centric home care ensures elders have access to the kind of care they are looking for.

Personalized Medical Care: The personalized approach in medical care drives better outcomes always. Believing in that, the team from Treat at Home evaluates each aspect and customizes its medical approach at the individual level.

Building Relationships: We understand the importance of face familiarity between the doctor and the patient. It instills a sense of trust. That’s why Treat at Home ensures seniors are getting care from doctors available in your locality.

Emotional Support: Medical distress can impact the lives of family members in many ways. Our doctors support the family members to reduce their burden by helping them navigate through the mental distress.

All Round Medical Care Around The Clock: Whether post-hospitalization care or general consultation, Treat at Home specialists from various medical streams ensure that seniors have complete access to quality home care.

What type of patients can benefit from this service?

Patients who schedule services from Treat at Home include,

  Seniors who cannot travel to see the doctor

  Individuals who don’t want to wait for long hours to see the doctor

  Patients who are unable to make an appointment with the doctor according to their convenience

  Patients suffering from chronic illness

  Patients who would prefer immediate visit by the doctor

  Individuals who have a busy work schedule

  Travelers who require immediate medical attention

  Patients who would like to experience personalized medical care

Some reasons for visiting a home doctor solely for elderly care these days are,

  Not all illnesses require a visit to the doctor in the hospital. 

  It makes it even more convenient to use at-home services for elderly care. 

  Additional stress involved with visiting a doctor at the hospital can be avoided and the senior citizens are cared for and tended to on a one on one basis without having to wait long hours in the hospital. 

Bringing care to the comfort of one’s home is far more personalized than the care that people would receive in a hospital. 

  Prevention is better than cure. The key to controlling any disease is prompt medical attention and care to avoid hospitalization. This is facilitated by doctor home visit.

  Alleviating hospital phobia when many older people avoid hospital visits unless absolutely necessary because of fear of confronting bad experiences in the past.

Doctor Home Visits: Here’s what to Expect

benefits of home doctor

If you are availing Treat at Home doctor service in Chennai for the first time, here is a step-by-step reference to what to expect from the visit.

Step 1: Initial Medical Brief

Our executive will briefly inquire about your loved one’s medical needs, medical history and desired specialty. Further details are your address and preferable time of consultation.

Step 2: Review by the Specialist

Your brief is forwarded to the specialist, who will evaluate it thoroughly. The health care provider will visit your home, conduct a thorough medical exam, evaluate the existing documents if any to recognize the medical condition. The doctor then prescribes prompt and personalized medical solutions at your home.

Step 3: Follow-Up

Our dedicated executives ensure your loved one is at the recovery track with their well timed follow-ups. They additionally report the progress for our doctor’s destiny reference if there are any further visits.


The Future Looks Bright!

The state of healthcare is constantly changing; however, increasing availability of home doctor visit for the elderly is promising and is indicative of a trend toward more patient-centered care in the future.

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