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Prostate Cancer

Table of Content
  1. What is Prostate Cancer
  2. Causes of Prostate Cancer
  3. Risk Factors
  4. Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
  5. Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
  6. Prevention of Prostate Cancer
  7. Treatments for Prostate Cancer

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This is Sasa, your Health Assistant from Treat at Home. More than 47,500 men are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer every year – that’s 129 men every day.

Mostly Prostate Cancers grow slowly and are about the prostate alone. Rarely, metastasis occurs in prostate cancers. Since, it is the most common cancer in men, let’s get to know more about the causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of prostate cancer.

What is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate is a small gland present at the base of the bladder in males and the cancer which occurs in the prostate is called as Prostate Cancer.

It encircles the first part of urethra and plays a vital role in reproductive years of life since it produces seminal fluid that nourishes and transports the sperm. Prostate cancer which detected earlier and confined to prostate gland alone has a good prognosis.

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Causes of Prostate Cancer

There is no clear causative factor which causes prostate cancer. Some studies show that prostate cancer begins when cells in the prostate develop changes in their DNA. A cell’s altered DNA tells the cell to grow and divide more rapidly than normal cells do. These cells do not enter into the Apoptosis phenomenon and gets accumulated to form tumor.

Risk Factors

Factors that can increase the risk of prostate cancer includes,


The risk of prostate cancer significantly increases after the age of 50.

Family History

If your parent diagnosed with Prostate cancer, you are at risk too. Also, if you have a family history of Breast cancer, your risk of getting Prostate cancer is higher.


People who are obese may have a higher risk when compared to normal individuals.

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Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

In the early stage of prostate cancer, it may produce some of the generalised symptoms:

– Hematospermia (Presence of blood in urine)

– Nocturia (Excessive urination at night)

– Dysuria (Difficulty in passing urine)

– Increased frequency of urination

– Incomplete emptying of bladder

– Hesitancy in passing urine

– Poor stream of urination

– Ejaculatory problems

– Urinary incontinence

– Erectile dysfunction

In advanced cases of prostate cancer, it obstructs the kidney and leads to renal failure. Weight loss, Tiredness and Bone pain are the advanced symptoms of Prostate Cancer.

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Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnosis of prostate cancer includes physical examination like Digital Rectal Examination, blood investigations like Prostate Specific Antigen, USG, CT Scan and MRI.

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In some cases, Cystoscopy Guided Biopsy confirms the diagnosis.

Prevention of Prostate Cancer

Prevention is always better than cure! Eliminating saturated fats and maintaining healthy diet is essential in order to prevent cancer.

– Having healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables

– Avoid unnecessary Health supplements

– Maintain a healthy weight

– Do regular exercise

– Yoga & Meditation

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Treatments for Prostate Cancer

In conventional way, the treatment depends upon the stages of Cancer. Stages of cancer include,

Stage I

Cancer is only present in the prostate gland.

Stage II

Cancer has not yet spread from the prostate, but a person will have a higher PSA level.

Stage III

The cancer may have spread to nearby tissues.

Stage IV

Cancer may have spread to distant parts of the body.

Treatments may include Surgery, Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy, Immunotherapy, Radiation therapy or Targeted therapy.


When you find prostate cancer earlier, treatment and prognosis is good. The best way to detect Prostate cancer in early stages is to attend regular screening.

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Author: Dr. Raji Arabi

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